Definition of Reformed Church in US English:

Reformed Church


  • A Church that has accepted the principles of the Reformation, especially a Calvinist Church (as distinct from Lutheran).

    • ‘The World Alliance of Reformed Churches consists of Congregational, Presbyterian, Reformed, and United churches.’
    • ‘In May 2004 the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Netherlands merged with the two largest Dutch Reformed Churches into the Protestant Church in the Netherlands.’
    • ‘The predominantly high number of Presbyterian adherents was due both to the perceived similarities between the Presbyterian Church and the old-world Reformed Church and to early missionary efforts.’
    • ‘Representing the view against common grace was Professor David Engelsma, Professor of Dogmatics and Old Testament studies at the Theological School of the Protestant Reformed Churches in Grandville, Michigan.’
    • ‘About 85 percent of Frisians belong to one of two Calvinist churches - the Dutch Reformed Church, or the Reformed Church.’
    • ‘Carpenter said the Christian Reformed Church, Calvin's denomination, has remained loyal to the politics of Abraham Kuyper, who served as Dutch prime minister from 1901 to 1905.’
    • ‘The Catholic Church, The Lutheran Church and Reformed Churches of John Calvin and Ulrich Zwingli frequently charged the Hutterites with heresy.’
    • ‘He is the former president of the Geneva-based World Alliance of Reformed Churches and once held a top post in the African National Congress in the Cape Town area, playing a leading role in dismantling apartheid.’
    • ‘This clear prohibition has been dismissed in many modern churches, such as the Christian Reformed Church and many others which have opted to disregard God's Word and ordain their women to the Gospel ministry.’
    • ‘Several members of the Presbyterian Reformed Church take it in turns to serve passers-by from a Christian bookstall.’
    • ‘Ruth Veldcamp has served as a missionary with the Christian Reformed Church in East Central Nigeria, Africa, for more than twenty years.’
    • ‘The Irish Presbyterian Church, which is a founding member of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, has over 560 congregations in 21 presbyteries throughout Ireland, with over 300,000 members.’
    • ‘Pastor Timothy J. Worrell of the Presbyterian Reformed Church, Charlotte, North Carolina, conducted the induction service, which was attended by about fifty people.’
    • ‘Calvin Bremer, executive director of the radio, print, and television ministry Back to God Hour, was due to become executive director of the Christian Reformed Church in North America on August 22.’
    • ‘In the 1980s, however, the Lutheran Synod determined to participate in the reunion process between the two largest Calvinistic Churches - the Dutch Reformed Church and the smaller Reformed Churches in the Netherlands.’
    • ‘In 1624 the company also established the Dutch Reformed Church (the Reformed Church in America) which has exercised a significant influence in the Dutch American community.’
    • ‘He produced the Irish Articles of Religion as a doctrinal basis for the Reformed Church of Ireland, and traced his church to the ancient Celtic church, rather than the Roman Catholic Church.’
    • ‘The new Vatican documents ‘are certainly not consistent with the spirit of Vatican II,’ said a spokesman for the World Alliance of Reformed Churches in Geneva.’
    • ‘Full-communion agreements with the Moravian Church, the Presbyterian Church U.S.A., the Reformed Church in America and the United Church of Christ are widely seen as costing the Lutherans little.’
    • ‘At this time, he also left his presbytery, where disciplinary charges had been filed against him, and joined the Christian Reformed Church.’


Reformed Church