Definition of refocus in English:



  • 1 Adjust the focus of (a lens or one's eyes)

    • ‘Samantha refocused her eyes and studied the monitors.’
    • ‘The perspective shifts could be caused by the altered magnification that took place when refocusing lenses or by the ad hoc methods of projecting different still-life images onto a primed canvas.’
    • ‘Concave lenses with minus or divergent power correct this refractive error and refocus the light rays on the correct point on the retina.’
    • ‘Every 15 minutes, spend about 20 seconds looking around the room and refocusing your eyes on a distant point.’
    • ‘This means that the user has constantly to refocus the lenses when moving from one close object to another.’
    • ‘We are smiling for the annual Thanksgiving photo, my two children with their pumpkin grins, my husband and I muttering, ‘Take the picture, take the picture,’ as my brother focuses and refocuses his camera.’
    • ‘I refocused my eyes and started reading the recipes with more intensity.’
    • ‘One would like to know precisely what effects refocusing a lens in a camera obscura would have on the perspective organization of Vermeer's interiors.’
    • ‘Blinking and refocusing her eyes from her daydream onto the harshness of real life, she realized that the road had suddenly become extremely crowded, the dark of night illuminated by what seemed like thousands of lights.’
    • ‘Her eyes slid out of focus for a second, refocusing themselves on the wall behind me.’
    • ‘She holds a hand mirror an inch from my nose and I take a second to refocus my eyes, not expecting to see myself so closely.’
    • ‘It then moves the plate a precise distance, refocuses itself, and takes a photograph.’
    • ‘So fast, in fact, that human reactions couldn't adjust, and the drivers complained of not having time to refocus their eyes between corners.’
    • ‘In a compound microscope, a series of lenses are used to focus, magnify, and refocus the image.’
    • ‘Finding his mind wandering again, Trey refocused his stone gray eyes on the book.’
    • ‘The camcorder then guesses the range and refocuses the lens.’
    • ‘Shawn shot his eyes darkly toward his friend before refocusing his gaze on Selina.’
    • ‘The detective seemed to refocus his eyes and remember where he was.’
    • ‘Burning the lower layer is performed by refocusing the laser beam so that it passes through the first layer, through the partially reflective metal layer, and down to the lower dye layer.’
    • ‘This allows the drive to read both layers almost continuously, with only a short break to refocus the pickup lens.’
    1. 1.1Focus (attention or resources) on something new or different.
      ‘refocus attention on yourself through repeating your main points’
      • ‘Our aim in highlighting this matter of immense public concern is to refocus attention - and resources - on an issue of major importance.’
      • ‘And we need to refocus both our resources and the restructure our intelligence community, and those things are going on.’
      • ‘It also refocuses attention on the film of the Holyrood saga, which is fast becoming as controversial as the new Scottish Parliament building itself.’
      • ‘But the blackout has refocused attention on the government's muddle over electricity.’
      • ‘We have sharpened our business skills and refocused our attention on what's really important to the industry.’
      • ‘Now Suzuki is refocussing its attention on the C-class segment, the most competitive class of the Irish car market.’
      • ‘The killing in Sarasota, Florida, has refocused attention on Toughman, a controversial spectacle in which anyone can slug it out in the ring, no previous experience required.’
      • ‘Harries proposes that we leave space to science and refocus our attention on making a success of dwelling on earth.’
      • ‘He refocused his remaining resources on SourceCast, a software development tool for programmers.’
      • ‘A number of recent events in Arizona and Utah have refocused attention on plural marriage which has gone on quietly for many years despite being outlawed by mainstream church leaders and state authorities.’
      • ‘Cody scowled and refocused his attention on the movie.’
      • ‘Vincent sent her a sidelong glance before refocusing his attention on the road again.’
      • ‘Gently brush aside students' anxiety about not getting the answer by refocusing their attention on the problem at hand.’
      • ‘Jane refocused her attention on the classroom.’
      • ‘Daschle is faced with the formidable task of refocusing the nation's attention on domestic issues, particularly the economy.’
      • ‘The film, which had its premiere last Monday, has refocused attention on the place that Pearl Harbor occupies in the U.S. national psyche.’
      • ‘But obviously I think it's a positive if she refocuses her attention on others as opposed to directing her concern inward.’
      • ‘The Dover tragedy has refocused attention on Britain's immigration and asylum laws, and the worldwide trade in human trafficking.’
      • ‘But by 1988, Dairylea had sold its product lines and the last of its milk plants, and refocused its resources on enhancing the overall profitability of its membership.’
      • ‘To date, the firm has resisted portraying the cuts as anything other than individual business units refocusing their resources.’