Definition of reflectometer in US English:



  • An instrument for measuring quantities associated with reflection, in particular (also time domain reflectometer) an instrument for locating discontinuities (e.g. faults in electric cables) by detecting and measuring reflected pulses of energy.

    • ‘Using reflectometers, reflected light of a surface is measured in an angle range which is limited by aperture dimensions.’
    • ‘For one test, a device called a reflectometer is used to measure the degree of whiteness in processed tuber samples destined to become chips.’
    • ‘The reflectometer has demonstrated wavelength resolution of about 1000 with out-of-band radiation levels of less than 0.2%.’
    • ‘We measured volumetric moisture contents twice during the summer of 2000 using frequency-domain reflectometers (Theta Probe, Type ML2x, Delta-T Devices, Ltd., Cambridge, U.K.).’
    • ‘They also left behind scientific apparatus, including a seismograph to measure Moon quakes, and a laser reflectometer which allowed incredibly accurate measurements of the distance between the Earth and the Moon.’