Definition of reflective in English:



  • 1Providing a reflection; capable of reflecting light or other radiation.

    ‘reflective glass’
    ‘reflective clothing’
    • ‘Mirrors often fascinated them, as did the reflective surfaces of glass goblets and polished silver.’
    • ‘The reflective platelets focus the light downward and modulate it to match the intensity of the moonlight hitting the ground.’
    • ‘Light enters the mouse through side openings near the front and travels to a reflective diffraction grating.’
    • ‘The highly reflective surface brings the shadow of the viewer into the work and reinforces this idea.’
    • ‘The pillars are wrapped in new reflective material which allows light to bounce off the stone and create a natural light in the building.’
    • ‘Those grains have fewer reflective surfaces, and hence absorb more solar radiation.’
    • ‘He confirmed that the deceased was wearing dark clothing and that the bicycle had no lights or reflective tape on it.’
    • ‘When horizontal, it appeared the have a highly reflective metal surface.’
    • ‘Just make sure you wear reflective clothing and don't forget to take lights for the ride home.’
    • ‘One type of optomechanical switch inserts and retracts a reflective surface into a light stream to redirect it to another port.’
    • ‘Clouds, being white, are highly reflective and they reflect the incoming short-wave radiation from the Sun.’
    • ‘Fit reflective panels behind your radiators, so that instead of escaping into the walls, heat is reflected back into your home.’
    • ‘The reflective qualities of glass hide many errors when used in mosaic student work.’
    • ‘Much of the story of Signs and Wonders is done in brief, cryptic sequences, often shot through glass or captured on reflective surfaces.’
    • ‘Pedestrians and cyclists were encouraged to wear reflective armbands and light coloured clothing.’
    • ‘All the glazing used is argon-filled solar reflective glass, which is good for insulation.’
    • ‘Circular motion will provide a flat, smooth surface but it may not be as reflective.’
    • ‘The pupil with its curved highly reflective surface narrows the reflection.’
    • ‘When walking to school small children should not cross roads alone and when on country roads they should wear reflective armbands and bright clothing.’
    • ‘While large amounts of reflective glass may be aesthetically pleasing, it is more harmful to our feathered friends.’
    regretful, nostalgic, yearning, longing
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    1. 1.1 Produced by reflection.
      ‘a colorful reflective glow’
      • ‘A sheet has been put over the pyramids because people in an office in the hospital have complained about the reflective light from the CD pyramid.’
      • ‘The original color swept out of them in favor of that reflective glow.’
  • 2Relating to or characterized by deep thought; thoughtful.

    ‘a quiet, reflective, astute man’
    • ‘She is thoughtful and reflective, and I have enormous respect for her passionate dedication.’
    • ‘His writings were always engaging, thought-provoking and reflective, and expressive in their style and delivery.’
    • ‘Somebody is actually having a reflective moment, thinking seriously about their place in the world.’
    • ‘Later, when he addressed a group of media people, it was in a reflective, rueful, almost confessional mode.’
    • ‘He's very introspective and reflective, and he's caught up in the problems of existence in a non-religious world.’
    • ‘Feeling more subdued than usual, I wandered the streets in a deep, reflective mood and thought about my mother.’
    • ‘Diabetes physicians and diabetes specialist nurses will find this a reflective read capable of changing their attitudes and clinical practice.’
    • ‘Will the new parliament be equally thoughtful and reflective in response?’
    • ‘Paul Handley is in a reflective mood as he lights another cigarette in a quaint London hotel.’
    • ‘The final product contains newly-composed contemporary songs with reflective and thought-provoking themes.’
    • ‘The evening promises to be prayerful, celebratory and reflective.’
    • ‘His music is said to have a deep, reflective melancholy.’
    • ‘His goal was to teach the students, via interaction with mathematics, critical and reflective thought.’
    • ‘It's a musing, reflective piece on the increasing length of movie titles.’
    • ‘This evening he was clearly more subdued, giving out police hotline numbers and playing thoughtful, reflective music.’
    • ‘All this stuff is far too reflective and philosophical for a Tuesday evening, that's for certain.’
    • ‘Helpful skills such as reflective listening or the techniques of positive discipline can be taught and learned.’
    • ‘He tells me that at this stage in his life he is reflective and thoughtful, very different from his stage persona.’
    • ‘Ford's figures are reflective, capable of ironic detachment, and can be both enthused and diffident at the same time.’
    • ‘I am more reflective, and less apt to act before thinking.’