Definition of reflecting telescope in US English:

reflecting telescope


  • A telescope in which a mirror is used to collect and focus light.

    • ‘The huge framework of the reflecting telescope loomed before me, the two-ton Pyrex glass mirror at the bottom, the tube pointing up and out through the aperture in the dome.’
    • ‘Snap would orbit a three-mirror, 2-meter reflecting telescope in a high orbit over Earth's poles, circling the globe every week or 14 days.’
    • ‘The Newtonian telescope is a type of reflecting telescope still in popular use.’
    • ‘He developed a general rule for the focal length of lenses and described a reflecting telescope.’
    • ‘A 10 inch reflecting telescope provides common optics for infrared and electro-optical sensors.’
    • ‘In 1973 she built a reflecting telescope with a nine-inch mirror that she ground and polished herself.’
    • ‘Unlike conventional reflecting telescopes, Herschel's telescope mirror is being made from a novel ceramic material called silicon carbide.’
    • ‘Isaac Newton proposed using a curved mirror, rather than a lens, to magnify the heavens, and reflecting telescopes are nowadays the norm.’
    • ‘He therefore proposed and constructed a reflecting telescope.’
    • ‘He built a reflecting telescope, polishing the mirror himself, and began observing the stars.’
    • ‘Later on, great reflecting telescopes were used to probe the mysteries of the Universe.’
    • ‘The mammoth 19-inch reflecting telescope, one of the largest public telescopes in northern England, is housed in its own dome at the forest visitor centre.’
    • ‘He made his reflecting telescope entirely on his own, some parts of it with tools that he made specifically for the purpose.’
    • ‘The school's Newtonian reflecting telescope gave hundreds of the pupils the chance to watch the transit live on a projected screen.’
    • ‘His development of the reflecting telescope made his instruments much smaller, and it was particularly useful for looking at distant bodies, such as Jupiter, that only reflected small amounts of light.’
    • ‘There are two main types of telescopes: refracting telescopes, which use lenses to gather the light and form an image; and reflecting telescopes, which use mirrors to accomplish the same purpose.’
    • ‘He became so skilled a craftsman that he invented and built his own reflecting telescope, with tools that he made himself, casting the tube and grinding the mirror to a degree of accuracy that could not be matched by anyone else.’
    • ‘Because he believed that refraction inevitably produced coloured fringes, he advocated reflecting telescopes, and made one.’
    • ‘Inspired by Kepler's discoveries on light, James Gregory had begun to work on lenses and in Optica Promota he described the first practical reflecting telescope now called the Gregorian telescope.’
    • ‘It was due to him that reflecting telescopes of sufficient accuracy and power to be useful in astronomy were developed.’


reflecting telescope

/rəˈˌflɛktɪŋ ˈtɛləˌskoʊp/