Definition of reflected glory in US English:

reflected glory


  • Fame or approval achieved through association with someone else rather than through one's own efforts.

    • ‘If his guest players and producers happen to be the top names in the business, it's because Mick himself is one of those top names - they want to bask in his reflected glory and he wants his music to benefit from theirs.’
    • ‘That was better than admitting that the guys got the medals for being fab pop stars whose reflected glory the government needed.’
    • ‘Basking in your reflected glory has made me look good to my boss more than once.’
    • ‘If only some of their magic could rub off on us, perhaps we could become like them, or at the very least we can take some of their reflected glory - their aura - back into our lives.’
    • ‘Disproportionate delight over David Beckham's goal against Greece and one marvellous night in Munich allowed England's management to bask in reflected glory rather than address weaknesses that now are all too apparent.’
    • ‘Many of them left their jobs as fishermen just to hang out in his entourage and bask in his reflected glory.’
    • ‘The astonishing victory of novice Shaun Murphy in the World Snooker Championship this year has brought me delightful reflected glory.’
    • ‘In India, it's even thought that the reflected glory of the cricket win will be worth a good few percentage points for Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee's BJP party in the general election.’
    • ‘It was too early to lay any of the credit for this at the Institute's door, and she is equally reluctant, at this stage, to bask in the reflected glory of athletes' successes.’
    • ‘Luckily this claim was never put to the test for I was too timid ever to act on it, but for a while I did enjoy some faintly reflected glory off the great man.’
    • ‘Congratulations are certainly due to the troops who did an outstanding job but none are due to the government or the community which had starved the force of resources while basking in its reflected glory.’
    • ‘There's a kind of reflected glory to bask in which comes from his father's status as ‘the world's most famous Scotsman‘.’
    • ‘In his mind, he is so famous and such a prominent scholar that anyone who dares to criticize his ideas must be seeking only to bathe in his reflected glory.’
    • ‘They want to be invited to dinners with Indian politicians and bask in the reflected glory of citizenship, but don't want to live in India and pay Indian taxes.’
    • ‘Measuring what Booker ever got out of the Booker, other than goodwill and reflected glory, is nigh impossible.’
    • ‘Hollywood basked in Olivier's reflected glory and awarded him an honorary Oscar in 1946 for his work on the film.’
    • ‘He was just as punishing to athletes who performed to their capacity but still lost, thereby denying him the reflected glory.’
    • ‘But if Gordon Brown can forgive Third World debt, this may be a time for absolution by a government which uses its honours list increasingly to bask in the reflected glory and fame of others.’
    • ‘Until then, I'm going to relax and bask in the reflected glory.’
    • ‘If it's reflected glory you want, there are plenty of TV presenting jobs out there.’


reflected glory