Definition of refinish in US English:



[with object]
  • Apply a new finish to (a surface or object)

    ‘the exterior was totally refinished in 1990’
    • ‘Is there any way of dulling that shiny spot and blending it in with the rest of the finish without completely refinishing the piece?’
    • ‘The cost of refinishing a handgun usually starts around $150, and adds nothing to the value of your handgun.’
    • ‘Renovations included cleaning limestone walls, refinishing the wood beam ceiling, and installing an elevator, restrooms, and new lighting, mechanical, and sound systems.’
    • ‘The metal doesn't look brand-new when you're finished, but it's a good first step for small refinishing jobs.’
    • ‘Before adding insulation to the basement walls or the crawl space foundation, and prior to refinishing a basement room, it is essential that you repair any leaks and solve any problems with dampness.’
    • ‘For those of you interested in refinishing wrought iron or similar types of furnishings, I recommend you acquire a portable air compressor fitted with a sandblasting apparatus.’
    • ‘After refinishing the stock and doing a complete action job on this inexpensive rifle, I find it is one of my favorite shooters.’
    • ‘The renovations included gutting the kitchen, refinishing the hardwood, painting, replacing doors and windows and buying new furniture.’
    • ‘This grant is for the resurfacing of the School playground, refinishing the perimeter wall and fencing.’
    • ‘Your workbench needs to be strong enough to hold anything you place on it and large enough for space if you are working on refinishing a table or chair.’
    • ‘No permits are needed when refinishing furniture.’
    • ‘There are her two young sons, three and five, banging on the piano and slopping juice on the recently refinished coffee table.’
    • ‘Antiques that have been refinished should be treated according to type of finish as described in other sections.’
    • ‘Because of the caustic chemicals involved in refinishing furniture, great care must be taken to follow safe-use practices.’
    • ‘He even refinished the inside of the barrel with a silicon base spray cover.’
    • ‘Rolling said they just refinished the inside of the building and don't want to have to redo it because of a leaky roof.’
    • ‘But then we walked down to the basement and thought about refinishing it, and we figured, why not just make this the main bedroom?’
    • ‘I recommend contacting a professional hardwood floor specialist to try refinishing it by screening the floor with a machine sander, then applying a finish.’
    • ‘Graham's doing an in-depth restoration and refinishing job on the oak dresser, which had become distinctly ‘starved’ after so many years living in centrally-heated houses.’
    • ‘The finished surfaces may have been refinished, and the piece will look great.’


  • An act of refinishing a surface or object.

    ‘I just spent $300 on a refinish’
    • ‘I put a note with the gun stating that it was ‘out of time’ and misfiring, and needed a refinish on top of the fix.’
    • ‘PPG (Pittsburgh Plate Glass) Industries acquired the vehicle refinish business of ICI and also the former Courtaulds aerospace and sealant business from Akzo Nobel.’
    • ‘Polyurethane is used in refinish paints as well as coatings for sealing natural and root wood trim.’
    • ‘Subtract the price of the refinish work and you have substantially reduced the value of your piece.’
    • ‘A full refinish is an expensive way to take care of minor stuff - and that usually reduces value too - but sometimes we can touch things up a bit and either eliminate or reduce the impact of a scratch.’
    • ‘It started sponsoring racecars in 1992 as a way to promote its refinish paint products.’