Definition of refillable in US English:



  • See refill

    • ‘Described as a liquid deli, it stocks whisky, olive oil, vinegars and liqueurs, and all in beautiful refillable bottles.’
    • ‘The refillable glass bottle system used at The Beer Store, for instance, makes bottle returns a breeze.’
    • ‘And importantly from an environmental point of view, the refillable plastic bottles used overseas are the most energy-efficient type of liquid container there is.’
    • ‘It also suggests buying long-life or refillable goods, stopping the junk mail that comes through your letterbox, and composting your garden refuse and kitchen peelings.’
    • ‘A waste-minimization program includes litterless lunch programs, double-sided photocopying, reusable mugs and cutlery, blue and grey box recycling and refillable toner and printer cartridges.’