Definition of refill in US English:



[with object]
Pronunciation /rēˈfil//riˈfɪl/
  • 1Fill (a container) again.

    ‘she paused and refilled her glass with wine before going on’
    • ‘If one doesn't work, he simply refills his bucket and looks for another that does.’
    • ‘He rose and refilled his mug, and gave a filled one to Nelson.’
    • ‘You can get reconditioned and refilled cartridges from some retailers and sometimes from the manufacturer.’
    • ‘Dishes were monitored daily for water loss and refilled with distilled water as necessary.’
    • ‘Soak for two hours, then drain and refill with fresh water.’
    • ‘Travellers often buy water at the last minute at the Central station, and some need to refill their containers.’
    • ‘I refrained from refilling the upstairs bowl for three days, hoping that night starvation would do the job.’
    • ‘After the café has quieted down, I get an espresso and sit down with it while I refill the sugar containers.’
    • ‘A wholesaler refills the containers in my bathroom every six weeks.’
    • ‘Oh well, she thought, as she began to refill the coffee cups.’
    • ‘The Professor paused to refill his tea cup, offering the pot to the others.’
    • ‘Empty the tank, dry the inside surfaces and refill with clean water.’
    • ‘I refilled our mugs and returned the pot to the burner.’
    • ‘At noon they passed a small waterfall and stopped briefly to refill their bottles.’
    • ‘Three families make their way to the town three times a week to refill their tanks.’
    • ‘We will also be delighted to refill old baskets and window boxes at very reasonable rates.’
    • ‘He likes to ply me full of whiskey, fill and refill my glass.’
    • ‘Open a nearby hot water faucet and the inlet water valve to refill the tank.’
    • ‘Some critics have also found it ironic that many people who purchase bottled water end up refilling the containers from a tap.’
    • ‘On his way to refill his glass, Louis saw Roxy flirting with Kenny.’
    fill, refill, refresh, freshen, replenish, recharge, resupply
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    1. 1.1US Replenish the supply of (medicine called for in a prescription)
      ‘there's nothing he can do but refill his Valium prescription’
      • ‘I'll get my eyes adjusted tomorrow, and refill my chill pill prescription.’
      • ‘I woke him up, called Barb and John, and arranged for his prescription to be refilled so he could ride somewhat pain-free to Rochester.’
      • ‘Always circle ‘no refills’ or specify the number of times and/or the last date the prescription may be refilled.’
      • ‘The researchers considered a person partially adherent or non-adherent when a prescription was not refilled on schedule.’
      • ‘With 120,000 soldiers in theater, over 12,000 prescriptions had to be refilled.’
      • ‘Now that's what I call refilling a prescription!’
      • ‘Prescriptions may be refilled at the Department of Pharmaceutical Care ONLY if certain criteria are met.’
      • ‘Consumers can also retrieve information and services ranging from refilling a prescription to checking the weather, or manage transactions such as paying bills.’
      • ‘If you need to have prescriptions refilled or supplies, please let your nurse know upon arrival so that these can be filled as soon as possible thus lessening your waiting time.’
      • ‘That night, with the promise of an airplane ticket arriving at her door soon, Chisato went to the drugstore and refilled her prescription for what seemed like the thousandth time.’
      • ‘A month or so ago when I tried to refill my prescription and they wouldn't let me, I was told to go see my doctor to get another prescription.’
      • ‘Pharmacy records show, for example, that individuals with asthma prescribed an inhaled corticosteroid refill their prescription infrequently.’
      • ‘Please refill the prescription, but ask her to make an appointment to discuss the referral.’
      • ‘The Alabama sisters are afraid even to refill prescriptions because of rumors that can be spread at drugstores in tiny towns.’
      • ‘I listened to it while I was waiting for the pharmacist to refill a prescription.’
      • ‘I once worked with a colleague who had a patient tell him that one of his other patients was selling her narcotics at their workplace, yet he kept refilling her prescriptions.’
      • ‘Another pregnancy test will be required before the prescription is refilled.’
      • ‘In many European countries it's possible to refill anti-retroviral prescriptions, Adams says.’
    2. 1.2no object (of a container) become full again.
      ‘the empty pool will rapidly refill from rain and snow’
      • ‘My cup, though not quite at capacity, is refilling.’
      • ‘Bit by bit the surfaces reappeared, cupboards and drawers refilled, and as the job got done the transformation from bombsite to spotless showroom was remarkable and rewarding.’
      • ‘State coffers will soon be refilling (even though not enough to make up for California's 38-billion dollar spendthrift ways).’
      • ‘I turned away to spit them out, but every time I did my mouth refilled with more seed pearls.’
      • ‘The lake largely dried up in droughts or in warm summers, refilling from the runoff of melting show.’
      • ‘Two were eating out of the bowls that refilled so slowly that it was imperceptible, and two were eating out of regular bowls.’
      • ‘The aim of CDT is to reduce limb volume and improve shape so that compression garments can be fitted and worn to help prevent the limb refilling.’
      • ‘Nevertheless, Canny concluded that vessels embolize and refill while xylem-water pressure is in the range of - 0.2 to - 0.6 MPa.’
      • ‘Overnight, we shut down generators and allow the reservoirs to refill with water, while we import cheap thermal power from the US and Alberta.’
      • ‘That was soon done, the tank refilled, and then Graham tested it out by taking a well-earned shower.’
      • ‘Instead of bar staff having to press and release existing optics twice - allowing time for them to refill with alcohol in between - the new device can hold enough liquid for two measures at any given time.’
      • ‘Maybe he could go back to sleep, and not get up until the hot water tank had refilled?’
      • ‘And now they have refilled up because that water continues to push from the west to the east toward us and pretty much stops right about where you see my camera ending, right about in here.’
      • ‘But the joint filled with fluid and then re-filled after medical staff had drained it.’
      • ‘In a few minutes hot water tank is empty and refilling from the main tank which is not now refilling and therefore in no danger of overflowing again.’


Pronunciation /ˈriˌfɪl//ˈrēˌfil/
  • 1An act of filling a container again.

    ‘he proffered his glass for a refill’
    • ‘Had I wanted more I could have got a free refill, but I couldn't have managed another mouthful.’
    • ‘Diners will also receive unlimited refills of local beer and soft drinks.’
    • ‘A crowd of people on the opposite side of the bar were clamouring for refills.’
    • ‘Every time my husband and I dined at The Left Bank, we had wait staff plying the table with baskets of bread, inquiring politely about what condiments we would like with our tea or coffee, and endless refills of our water glasses.’
    • ‘They taste so fresh and clean, and just like the sweet water you get in bottles of mineral water, which perhaps explains why so many people just dip their empty bottles into streams of under trickles coming out of rock faces for a free refill.’
    • ‘The sensitive frat-boy types waiting the tables weren't on top of water refills or timing - there were long delays between courses.’
    • ‘The coziest tables are up the back staircase, where a second bar makes refills easy.’
    • ‘Since five or more drinks in one evening qualifies as binge-drinking, the trick is to drink from glasses large enough to get through a bottle of wine in four refills or fewer.’
    • ‘Deciding on a path, he set his glass on the bar and motioned for a refill.’
    • ‘After an hour or so with his head under the bonnet, and various trips to the public toilet for water refills, the radiator was patched up, and we were ready to roll out.’
    • ‘She makes the best café au lait in the city and gives refills on milk.’
    • ‘Anyway, this Professor Butz character has invented an elaborate electronic beer mat that sends out signals when the glass needs a refill.’
    • ‘This was some sort of punishment, but I don't know if it was directed towards us or Grandpa, whose glass was empty, with no chance of a refill.’
    • ‘We sit there sometimes, but prefer the front, which is more like a jungle of plants where coffee refills are 10 minutes apart.’
    • ‘Short speeches, multiple refills and not much to eat saw me sloping off home with a headache as the group split up.’
    • ‘Incidentally, it has a 48 litre fuel tank - which should enable you to achieve almost 600 km between refills - unless, of course, you drive the MR 2 to its full potential.’
    • ‘He had been really ‘nice’ to his brother the night before, getting him a whole bunch of refills for his glass of pop while he was playing video games.’
    • ‘When we have just finished the final bit of our coffee and were still chatting, the waitresses came to clear off the pot, the coffee cups and all of our glasses of iced water without asking if we wanted a refill!’
    • ‘He looked across the pub at the empty booths and raised his glass for a refill.’
    • ‘In addition, the service is fast and attentive, leaving no one in our group of 11 waiting for a refill of their glass or plate.’
    1. 1.1US A replenished supply of medicine called for in a prescription.
      ‘an oral contraceptive refill was dispensed’
      • ‘At least two hospitals and a half-dozen nursing homes were evacuated and the state waived some Medicaid restrictions on prescription refills so patients could stock up on medicine.’
      • ‘But, my refills on a prescription I take regularly ran out, and the pharmacist and my doctor conspired against me by refusing to give me any more of my drugs until I go see the doctor again.’
      • ‘Reported completion rates were based on prescription refills.’
      • ‘He requests refills on his prescriptions for enalapril and atorvastatin.’
      • ‘Once medications were consumed, the medical materiel system could not handle the volume of requirements and process requisitions in time to get prescription refills to soldiers.’
      • ‘The prescribing of tegaserod is limited to a 30-day supply plus one refill.’
      • ‘To receive a prescription refill, patients had to complete the face-to-face interview with the nurse.’
      • ‘In April, Julee Lacey, 33, a Fort Worth, TX, mother of two, went to her local CVS drugstore for a last-minute Pill refill.’
      • ‘At the end of their rounds, the robots are supposed to roll into the basement pharmacy for refills.’
      • ‘Lawmakers said doctors and health facilities were charging patients for e-mails, phone consultations, and requests for prescription refills.’
      • ‘Because methylphenidate and dextroamphetamine are C-II controlled substances, most states limit prescriptions to a 30-day supply and do not authorize refills.’
      • ‘Her screen shows that John has two refills left on his prescription.’
      • ‘You owe me the price of a refill on my Ambien prescription.’
      • ‘Compliance was judged to be adequate based upon refill of the iron prescription and the presence of side effects commonly experienced with oral iron therapy.’
      • ‘Generally, a three-month supply is provided; after this time period, a new request is needed just as a new prescription is needed when refills are exhausted.’
      • ‘They wanted confirmation of the frequency and regularity of the mother's visits and the prescription refills.’
      • ‘On the other hand, more than 80 percent said they preferred to use the telephone to schedule appointments, get prescription refills or make payments.’
      • ‘Some clinicians - myself included - will not write prescriptions for refills.’
      • ‘He sent in a new prescription for Prozac because all his refills had run out.’
      • ‘These patients are eligible for a maximum of 90-day supply with a single refill of specific maintenance medications’