Definition of refi in US English:


verbrefying, refied, refies

[with object]
  • Refinance (a mortgage).

    • ‘And with 15-year rates now below 5%, Cassidy is ready to refi again.’


  • Relating to refinancing and the refinancing market.

    ‘the refi boom is over’
    • ‘And a scenario of collapsing yields, a rekindled refi boom, overheated mortgage finance and the resulting massive Credit creation (dollar claims inflation) feeding a dollar collapse is not a remote possibility.’
    • ‘Consumers will have less money from refi cash-outs.’
    • ‘That retail sales are faltering in the midst of a major mortgage refi boom is an especially noteworthy development.’
    • ‘For comparison, both the major refi booms from ‘98 and '99 lasted about three months.’
    • ‘With long-term interest rates rising, with housing peaking, with the refi stimulus set to wane, and with businesses so keen on boosting productivity instead of payrolls, a widening trade gap would be one more potential drag on growth.’
    • ‘Despite the mortgage refi application index dropping back to almost 6,000 from May's record spike to 10,000, purchase applications remain quite strong.’
    • ‘In Mortgage Finance Bubble blow-off week 37, the Mortgage refi application index jumped 10% to the fourth-highest level on record.’
    • ‘The Mortgage Bankers Association weekly refi index dropped 18% to the lowest level in more than one month.’
    • ‘The chart above only takes us through the first three quarters of 2004, but more recent data also show the refi market slipping back into dormancy, which is what you'd expect given that rates have been rising - at least until recently.’
    • ‘Lifts from tax cuts and refi cashouts, plus strong weekly reports on back-to-school sales and car buying in August, suggest real outlays could rise 5% this quarter.’
    • ‘The bottom line is that the recovery no longer depends on the temporary lift from tax cuts and refi money.’
    • ‘By then, they expect the share of new mortgages to refinance existing ones will fall to 34%, from 68% in the second quarter when refi applications hit a record.’
    • ‘It's worth keeping in mind that household mortgage credit expanded at an 11.4% rate during the second quarter, a torrid pace likely being surpassed with the current refi boom.’
    • ‘Many middle class families that took out second mortgages during the '90s refi craze are now skating on thin ice. The average American family saw its credit card debt rise 53 percent during the '90s.’
    • ‘Because of falling mortgage rates, refi activity in late July was approaching the record levels seen last year.’
    • ‘As enamored as the household sector was in trading technology stocks for fun and profit just a few years back, playing mortgage rates and the refi boom is today a much more commanding inflationary psychology.’
    • ‘Today, however, it appears we have passed the peak in the mortgage refi boom, making it reasonable to expect GSE balance sheet expansion to soon begin to wane.’
    • ‘The Mortgage Bankers refi application index dropped another 15% last week to the lowest level since July 2002.’
    • ‘The (now widely followed) Mortgage Bankers Association refi application index sank 21% the past week to the lowest level since mid-June 2002.’
    • ‘After all, the lenders claim that they base their refi rates on creditworthiness, and there's not much they can do if these groups have lower average creditworthiness.’