Definition of referrer in US English:



  • See refer

    • ‘The search engines provide the glue that binds this blog to a global stream of thought because when you do the sums, I'm getting five times as many people from search engine referrers as I am from hyperlinked daily readers.’
    • ‘They have convinced the work referrers - local professionals - to refer vulnerable and stressed clients to them by concentrating exclusively on business recovery and insolvency.’
    • ‘I found this site in my referrers a few days ago and so far I'm enjoying what I've read (thanks for the link, will return the compliment when I get around to revamping my own links page).’
    • ‘Snippets of search engine referrers that attracted people here looking for St. Patrick's Day suggest there are widely divergent ideas of the Irish culture.’
    • ‘I found a site through my referrers last night that had all the male-edited weblogs in one column, and all the female-edited weblogs in another.’