Definition of referral in English:



  • 1An act of referring someone or something for consultation, review, or further action.

    • ‘It was made very clear that a similar action after qualification would be likely to result in referral to the General Medical Council.’
    • ‘Initial referral to a review pharmacist included a copy of the patient's discharge letter.’
    • ‘Peters and Wade reviewed 2038 referrals to the Auckland Court Liaison Service over a two year period.’
    • ‘So New Zealand First will support this bill's referral to the select committee.’
    • ‘As I have said, National supports this bill's referral to a select committee.’
    • ‘Anyway, here are some of the latest search engine referrals.’
    • ‘As the previous speaker has said, National supports this legislation and its referral to the Regulations Review Committee.’
    • ‘But it falls short of imposing any sanctions on him, which could have included referral to the General Medical Council.’
    passing on, transfer, redirection
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    1. 1.1 The directing of a patient to a medical specialist by a primary care physician.
      • ‘Talk to your doctor about getting a referral to a genetic specialist.’
      • ‘On a normal school day, about 35 children attend the pupil referral unit.’
      • ‘These patients may require specialist gastroenterological referral.’
      • ‘The report also said many GPs had difficulty identifying which patients needed urgent referral to hospital cancer services.’
      • ‘Specialty referral is warranted for suspected complications and inpatient detoxification programs should be considered.’
      • ‘Referral to a urologist is indicated for patients with a stone greater than 5 mm in size.’
      • ‘More than half of cancer patients requiring an urgent referral are having to wait longer than two months.’
      • ‘Consecutive patients whose referral letters gave no reason for exclusion were considered provisionally eligible.’
      • ‘We selected patients by examining all referral letters to the hospital's gastroenterology outpatient clinics and open access endoscopy service.’
      • ‘If the findings at that point are positive, an orthopedic referral is needed.’
      • ‘The assessment of ‘red flags’ will identify the small number of patients who need referral for an urgent surgical opinion.’
      • ‘Visual impairment or globe injury warrants immediate referral.’
      • ‘There was no evidence that subsequent hospital management was influenced as a result of better investigation by doctors before referral.’
      • ‘Self referral to a clinic is an easier option.’
      • ‘Being aware of this very substantial fall in hysterectomies is important and may be helpful in counselling patients before referral.’
      • ‘Your most important task is to detect potentially serious ocular presentations for immediate referral of the patient to an ophthalmologist and treatment.’
      • ‘This review explains how general practitioners can approach the first level of diagnosis and warn patients about what lies ahead after referral to a specialist.’
      • ‘Ocular involvement should prompt immediate referral to an ophthalmologist.’
      • ‘No effect of referral from medical or social service providers was detected.’
      • ‘Patients with critical limb ischaemia require urgent referral to a vascular surgeon.’
      transfer, passing on, handover, direction, remission
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    2. 1.2 A person whose case has been referred to a specialist doctor or a professional body.
      • ‘Now I get referrals from medical doctors who have seen their patients lose weight or quit smoking.’
      • ‘Lots of our referrals come from health visitors, professionals, social services and children's centres.’
      • ‘Botha says the centre gets lots of referrals from doctors and physiotherapists.’
      • ‘We are seeing around 25,000 outpatients a year and referrals continue to rise.’
      • ‘An increase in referrals will show just what an effective risk sink British general practice has been for many years.’
      • ‘The service received 124 referrals in the first year, and 194 referrals in the second year.’
      • ‘The authority is now receiving about 80 referrals a quarter, including doctors working in primary care.’