Definition of reference library in US English:

reference library


  • A library, typically one holding many reference books, in which the books are not for loan but may be read on site.

    • ‘There will also be mini-laboratories featuring equipment such as electron microscopes and an information centre with a reference library linked into sources such as web sites.’
    • ‘These include a reference library, office equipment rentals, fax, e-mail and internet service, and secretarial and translation services.’
    • ‘The talk will be held at the Trowbridge reference library from 7.30 pm.’
    • ‘Why not do all that at its present site, where it is close to the reference library, the Minster library and the art gallery?’
    • ‘The cost of the scheme would be part-financed by the sale of the grade two listed building in Jewry Street, the former Corn Exchange and lending library since 1936, and the reference library on North Walls.’
    • ‘Mrs Worboys, 76, who uses a wheelchair, also pointed out that the lack of access for the disabled to the reference library was inconveniencing her and others in the same position.’
    • ‘Any member of the scholarly community or the general public may apply to study at Chawton House Library, which is to be a non-residential reference library.’
    • ‘The 36,000-plus images in the historic photograph and print collection are divided between the reference library in Trowbridge and the library in Salisbury.’
    • ‘After joining the service in 1966, Mrs Lord has worked in the central children's library, the reference library and has been a branch librarian.’
    • ‘On the first floor, a new, more accessible, counter has been fitted in the reference library and an improved air-flow system will help to stabilise the temperature.’
    • ‘In the domed reference library, one of the capital's most imposing rooms, a huge cardboard cut-out of ‘Nettie’, which would not look out of place in a nursery, hangs above the enquiry counter.’
    • ‘The next project will be to build a first-class reference library.’
    • ‘Tenby Museum and Art Gallery is welcoming everyone along to an open day in its reference library, which is usually only accessible by appointment for research purposes.’
    • ‘A British business man, Michael Watt has given the money for a new reference library in the museum - the shelves, table and chairs all made from the sweet smelling and rare huon pine - evidently the best wood for preserving books.’
    • ‘But at the same time, I remember when I was teaching in the Shankill and I got one of my classes to take different periods of Irish history and use the reference library to prepare their equivalent of a thesis.’
    • ‘It has also closed the reference library to the public.’
    • ‘The biggest reference library was the Lenin Library in Moscow, developed from an 1862 foundation.’
    • ‘Trowbridge library has two publicly accessible computers equipped with the special software, one in the lending library and one in the reference library.’
    • ‘The explosion of online shopping has removed the need to leave home to go to the local supermarket or travel agent, just as search engines such as Google have replaced many of the functions of a reference library because you have one at home.’
    • ‘One of the great advantages of the present set-up, he says, is that local historians can flit between the city archives and the reference library - which holds documents such as local census returns - at will.’


reference library

/ˈref(ə)rəns ˌlīˌbrərē//ˈrɛf(ə)rəns ˌlaɪˌbrəri/