Definition of reel something off in English:

reel something off

phrasal verb

  • Say or recite something rapidly and without apparent effort.

    ‘she proceeded to reel off in rapid Italian the various dishes of the day’
    • ‘With a proud full-beam smile, she reels off Phoebe's attributes.’
    • ‘On an indifferently decorated stage, he reeled off a lecture-demo.’
    • ‘The tale's first half is told from Abe's perspective; old and alone, he reels off wistful tales of his days as a salesman, chronically teetering between regret and distant pride.’
    • ‘Chic Charnley, who reels off a long list of clubs that he has assisted, was in great form in inspiring Partick's under-21s this past week.’
    • ‘He reels off a series of allegations, most of which have either been positively discredited or remain wholly unsubstantiated.’
    • ‘Shorter plays tenor far more than soprano, and reels off solo after solo that re-emphasise why he is special.’
    • ‘The screen fades to green, and the names of all 336 tributaries are slowly reeled off, in apparent contrast to the vagaries of story-telling.’
    • ‘Germany's third defeat under Klinsmann saw the nation's powerful tabloid media reel off a long list of shortcomings.’
    • ‘But what about the regular roll call of comparisons critics love to reel off?’
    • ‘There are follow-ups once camp's ended but there needs to be much more, said Dr Gately who reels off other ideas such as all-year-round camps, day camps and after-school clubs.’
    • ‘He reels off a list of the exotic destinations stamped on the Riddle suitcases: Thailand, Brunei, Malaysia, Mauritius, Japan, the Seychelles and regular visits to the United States.’
    • ‘Fortier reels off countries whose scenes impress him.’
    • ‘Ours starts badly when, 10 minutes in, I jokingly call him a luvvie after he reels off a list of ‘friends’ who all happen to be A-list British actors.’
    recite, rattle off, loose off, fire off, list rapidly, run through, enumerate, detail, itemize
    spiel off
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