Definition of reef-builder in US English:



  • A marine organism, especially a coral, which builds reefs.

    • ‘However, the publication of monographs by Marius Lecompte, Jesse Galloway and by Galloway and Joseph St. Jean increased interest in the classification, paleoecology, and nature of these reef-builders.’
    • ‘At about the same time that Kershaw's papers began to appear, Steam critically reviewed previous work on the shapes of Paleozoic and modern reef-builders.’
    • ‘They were rarely reef-builders as modern corals are.’
    • ‘The calcareous algae, stromatoporoids, tabulate corals, and rugose corals became conspicuous reef-builders throughout the tropical seas.’
    • ‘The reef-builders of that epoch were the lacy, vase-shaped archaeocyathids, probably related to sponges, along with other organisms whose affinities are not yet understood.’