Definition of reed warbler in US English:

reed warbler


  • A Eurasian and African songbird with plain plumage, frequenting reed beds.

    Genus Acrocephalus, family Sylviidae: several species, in particular the common A. scirpaceus

    • ‘The case of the great reed warbler, Acrocephalus arundinaceus, is probably the most frequently cited example showing that song is subject to directional female mating preferences.’
    • ‘In 2001, a distance record was set when a tagged reed warbler was retrapped in Poland.’
    • ‘This reed warbler, unknown in Switzerland at the end of the nineteenth century, was first recorded there in 1880.’
    • ‘Scientists also predicted that species like the black kite, cattle egret and great reed warbler, not currently found in Britain, could migrate there if warmer summer temperatures continued.’
    • ‘The Basra reed warbler is a near-endemic species of Iraq whose last stronghold is the Mesopotamian marshlands to the north of Basra.’


reed warbler

/ˈrēd ˌwôrb(ə)lər/