Definition of redwing in US English:



  • 1A small migratory thrush that breeds mainly in northern Europe, with red underwings showing in flight.

    "Turdus iliacus", subfamily "Turdinae", family "Muscicapidae"

    • ‘A combination of prominent creamy-white eyestripe and rusty-red flanks and underwings makes the redwing unmistakable.’
    • ‘The redwing, fieldfare and blackbirds are all involved in serious territorial swoops between trees.’
    • ‘The list was impressive and included robins, starlings, a goldfinch, blackbirds, redwings, chaffinches, wood pigeons and black-headed gulls.’
    • ‘Ireland is internationally important as a northerly winter feeding ground for many winter migrant birds such as thrush, fieldfare, redwing, and finches.’
    • ‘In this country, unless the weather is severe, the birds frequent open country associating with redwings, blackbirds and yellowhammers.’
  • 2Any of a number of red-winged birds, especially the American red-winged blackbird.

    See blackbird (sense 2)
    • ‘I just had a flock of thirty redwings land in my frozen backyard.’
    • ‘The whole backyard gang composed of those mentioned above, plus house finches, chickadees, goldfinches, titmice, grackles, redwings, and blue jays start around 5 pm with their bedtime snacks.’
    • ‘Herkert reported that redwings were more common on small prairies, but Bollinger found no effect of patch size.’
    • ‘‘On the 18th, we were ‘invaded’ by a flock of over 100 mixed redwings, grackles, starlings, and cowbirds that ate everything in sight and emptied the bird bath in minutes!’’
    • ‘I'll go down to the ditch later while she's napping and continue to play hide and seek with the redwing and other birds through my camera lens on this, the first day of the third year of our new lives.’