Definition of reduced circumstances in English:

reduced circumstances


  • Used euphemistically to refer to the state of being poor after being relatively wealthy.

    ‘a divorcee living in reduced circumstances’
    • ‘It is a fact of life that the death of a husband or wife results in reduced circumstances for the surviving partner.’
    • ‘How have you coped with your new, reduced circumstances?’
    • ‘She now lives, in very reduced circumstances, with her son.’
    • ‘Despite his seemingly reduced circumstances, Reid was still able to spend almost 3000 on a round-trip ticket from Paris via Miami and Antigua.’
    • ‘Instead he continued to try and make the kind of films he wanted to make, in reduced circumstances.’
    • ‘Having taken advantage of increased funding to become a full-time athlete, he now finds his reduced circumstances and changing priorities have affected his thinking.’
    • ‘However, many of these women were living in reduced circumstances, and in order to increase their productivity they were forced to enlist the help of their own children, which kept them out of school.’
    • ‘Don't get too depressed at your newly reduced circumstances.’
    • ‘This told the story of a family struggling to survive in reduced circumstances after the father had been falsely imprisoned.’
    • ‘These were difficult years financially, and he never fully recovered from his reduced circumstances even after he moved back to New York in 1783.’
    impoverished, in straitened circumstances, ruined, bankrupt, bankrupted, bust, insolvent
    poor, indigent, penurious, impecunious, in penury, moneyless, without a sou, as poor as a church mouse, poverty-stricken, destitute, necessitous
    needy, in need, in want, badly off, hard up, on one's beam-ends, unable to make ends meet, underprivileged
    on the breadline
    broke, flat broke, cleaned out, strapped for cash, strapped, on one's uppers
    stony broke, skint, without two pennies to rub together, without two farthings to rub together, without two brass farthings to rub together, in queer street
    stone broke
    pauperized, beggared
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