Definition of redstart in US English:



  • 1An American warbler, the male of which is black with either a red belly or orange markings.

    Genera Setophaga and Myioborus, subfamily Parulinae, family Emberizidae: several species, in particular the American redstart (S. ruticilla)

    • ‘On rare occasions, birds such as American redstarts, hooded warblers, and black-throated blue warblers engage in polygyny.’
    • ‘Foraging data were collected from 32 different individual redstarts.’
    • ‘Sherry and Holmes, working in Jamaica, demonstrated that redstarts in drier habitats had, on average, lighter body mass in spring relative to fall compared to redstarts in wetter habitats.’
    • ‘Over the three year study period, mangrove sites contained an average 60% male and 40% female redstarts, whereas scrub had an average of 24% male and 76% female redstarts.’
    • ‘A typical farming village in this region attracts tree sparrows, black redstarts, gray partridge, skylarks, and hen harriers.’
  • 2A Eurasian and North African songbird related to the chats, having a reddish tail and underparts.

    Phoenicurus and other genera, subfamily Turdinae, family Muscicapidae: several species, in particular the widespread P. phoenicurus

    • ‘While it is quite possible that we may lose our breeding redstarts altogether during the next few decades if the present process continues, there is also the possibility that they may return and recapture their lost ground.’
    • ‘There was also lots of other great wildlife to see in the area around Malham Cove including nesting little owls, green woodpeckers and redstarts.’
    • ‘By birds I don't mean panhandling pigeons, but self-supporting warblers, wheatears, grosbeaks, ducks, thrushes, egrets, pheasants, finches, redstarts, hawks, swallows, wagtails, owls, the list goes on.’
    • ‘I knew each corner of the garden, he wrote, and looked year by year for the white primroses in one place, the redstart's nest in another, the blossom of the acacia emerging from a tangle of ivy.’
    • ‘Such cavities may later be occupied by great, blue or marsh tits or by redstarts.’