Definition of redpoll in US English:



  • 1A mainly brown finch with a red forehead, related to the linnet and widespread in Eurasia and North America.

    Acanthis flammea, family Fringillidae; occurs in a number of races that were formerly regarded as separate species

    • ‘Since the preliminary results lean towards viral that means that the redpolls and finches are passing a virus to each other rather than getting sick from eating directly out of the feeder.’
    • ‘Flocks are common outside of the breeding season, and American Goldfinches often flock with redpolls and Pine Siskins.’
    • ‘Songbirds also live here, including the snow bunting, raven, American tree sparrow, and hoary redpoll.’
    • ‘Last winter we had some common redpolls, this winter they are back in force so keep an eye out for these small guys a the feeder.’
    • ‘Seeds of several native species feed siskins and redpolls.’
  • 2An animal of a breed of red-haired polled cattle.