Definition of redoubt in US English:



  • A temporary or supplementary fortification, typically square or polygonal and without flanking defenses.

    ‘the British stormed the rebel redoubt’
    figurative ‘branch 200 was a redoubt of left-wing trade unionism’
    • ‘The buccaneer fought the King's soldiers for many a year until a large force of redcoats stormed his redoubt.’
    • ‘Unlike the fortified cities of northern Ireland, Charles Towne's streets fail to connect the bastions and redoubts rimming the town.’
    • ‘A few men actually made it to the redoubt on top, only to be killed immediately.’
    • ‘A camp was built on top of the cliff and a redoubt followed.’
    • ‘The earthworks were reused as a gun redoubt during the Civil War.’


Early 17th century: from French redoute, from obsolete Italian ridotta and medieval Latin reductus ‘refuge’, from Latin reducere ‘withdraw’. The -b- was added by association with doubt.