Definition of redistributionist in US English:



  • A person who advocates the redistribution of wealth.

    • ‘As Shadow Chancellor, John remained a committed redistributionist and was determined to go out and argue the case for the policies which flowed from that.’
    • ‘Despite his restrained academic tone, he appears to be a committed egalitarian and redistributionist.’
    • ‘Last week in the Wall Street Journal he tried to woo them with an article in which he denied he was an old-style protectionist or redistributionist.’
    • ‘He was not a redistributionist and he was not unduly concerned about disparities of income, although he acknowledged that it was disturbing to see extremes of wealth.’
    • ‘Brown is too much of a redistributionist at heart to be seriously enamoured of across-the-board tax cuts as another way of disposing of surpluses and encouraging productivity.’


  • Relating to the belief that wealth should be redistributed.

    ‘redistributionist measures’
    • ‘Both parties have redistributionist agendas.’
    • ‘And yet he has not given up his redistributionist instincts - while shaking middle Britain's hand he has stealthily rifled their wallets with the other.’
    • ‘This shift in government policy, towards attending to individuals' emotional needs, is seen as a step up from traditional redistributionist social policies.’
    • ‘Thus popular sanction will legitimate the silencing of redistributionist and egalitarian policy options.’
    • ‘The purpose of this policy is redistributionist: wealthier students subsidize needier classmates by paying full price.’