Definition of redissolve in US English:



  • Dissolve or cause to dissolve again.

    • ‘The crystals were harvested by centrifugation and redissolved in water.’
    • ‘Eluents were dried at 35°C under vacuum and redissolved in 1 ml distilled water.’
    • ‘The cleaner works by redissolving the metallic stain.’
    • ‘The hexane extract was evaporated, redissolved in chloroform and passed through a short silica gel column.’
    • ‘Total lipid was extracted into chloroform-methanol, dried under a stream of nitrogen and redissolved in isopropanol.’
    • ‘The freeze-dried samples were redissolved in 0.2% hydroxylammonium chloride.’
    • ‘The chelate precipitate was centrifuged, redissolved in water at pH 7.2 and made up to 500 ml.’
    • ‘The cell-free filtrates were freeze-dried and redissolved in deionized water.’
    • ‘THH extract was redissolved in sterile distilled water before use according to the doses required.’
    • ‘The dried pellets were redissolved in 1 ml water.’
    • ‘The residue was redissolved in 0.5 ml of hexane and analysed by gas-liquid chromatography.’
    • ‘The extracellular medium was redissolved in deionized water and extracellular polymers were precipitated by adding ethanol to reach a final concentration of 80%.’
    • ‘Subsequently, two rounds of phenol/chloroform extraction were performed, and DNA was recovered by ethanol precipitation, dried, and redissolved in water.’
    • ‘The ethanol extracts were combined, the ethanol evaporated and the sugars redissolved in deionized water.’
    • ‘Twice, the sample was redissolved in water and redried under vacuum to remove any remaining acid.’
    • ‘DNA was redissolved in 100 l of sterile water and stored at 4°C.’
    • ‘The residue was redissolved in 1 ml distilled water and used for total soluble carbohydrate determination.’
    • ‘The supernatant was used for soluble sugar determination and the last pellet was redissolved in distilled water for starch determination.’
    • ‘The heroin is filtered, washed with water, and redissolved in boiling water containing citric acid and charcoal.’
    • ‘The aqueous phase was collected by centrifugation, dried under vacuum, and redissolved in 0.7 ml of water.’