Definition of redingote in US English:



  • 1A woman's long coat with a cutaway or contrasting front.

    • ‘He sent out a model wearing a denim redingote coat over an indigo lace petticoat - and he is such a skilled designer you don't really see a price difference between the two pieces.’
    • ‘The redingote is an indispensable feature in the coat segment.’
    • ‘The couture-like short coat with three-quarter-length sleeves made a noteworthy comeback, together with redingotes, lamb chop sleeves optional.’
    1. 1.1 A man's double-breasted topcoat with a full skirt.
      • ‘The laughter begins slowly at the bottom of the orchestra pit and wells gradually toward the back; it seems to say it's OK not to be counted, you'll belong eventually even if you're not wearing the right armband or redingote.’
      • ‘Instead, he's donning a frail redingote that drifts like an extravagant bridal tress.’


Late 18th century: French, from English riding coat.