Definition of redeeming in US English:



  • 1Compensating for someone's or something's faults; compensatory.

    ‘tuneless dirges with few redeeming features’
    ‘a quite dreadful man, without a single redeeming quality’
    • ‘There is not a single redeeming feature in this whole mess.’
    • ‘The only redeeming feature for me here was Captain Gibbs.’
    • ‘About the only redeeming factor in the film is a few of the performances.’
    • ‘There are other redeeming features of the film however.’
    • ‘I was pleasantly surprised to see him shown in such a spiritually redeeming light.’
    • ‘There are no redeeming qualities to the surviving characters, nor is there anything remotely interesting about the storyline.’
    • ‘It has nothing to do with social redeeming values.’
    • ‘The articles do not have any redeeming value. "’
    • ‘Often irony is the only redeeming quality of his serpentine sentences.’
    • ‘We could find no redeeming features about her. "’
    • ‘Not a single one of them has anything even vaguely resembling a redeeming feature.’
    • ‘He did, however, have several redeeming characteristics.’
    • ‘He was spectacularly ugly, with not a redeeming physical feature.’
    • ‘The worst movies of all time have absolutely no redeeming qualities.’
    • ‘However, most of the time, these unreleased tracks have no redeeming value whatsoever.’
    • ‘Family rows are awful experiences with few redeeming features.’
    • ‘This ugly incoherent woman had no absolutely no redeeming features.’
    • ‘There can be no redeeming features from these grim facts.’
    • ‘This novel is very hard on the people of Hollywood nobody with any redeeming values to speak of.’
    • ‘The only redeeming feature about working day shifts is the close proximity of the pub.’
  • 2Able to save people from sin, error, or evil.

    ‘the transforming power of God's redeeming grace’
    • ‘Jerusalem's special calling was to be "a light to the nations," a witness to God's redeeming will.’
    • ‘Later, it was the rector's two daughters who gently instilled into his mind the precious truths of God's redeeming grace.’
    • ‘Christ's redeeming work is bringing a new creation to birth, a future Eden.’
    • ‘Hymn cycles extolling redeeming knowledge were sung to focus believers' attention on the beauty of Paradise, where rescued souls dwelt.’
    • ‘For a few minutes, without her waking, we rebuked the source of the nightmares, praising God for the redeeming blood.’
    • ‘Christ shares both expressions in his face of suffering, whilst He opens the wound in his side to offer the redeeming blood.’
    • ‘The death of Christ has stored up in it the redeeming virtue of the gospel.’