Definition of redeemer in US English:



  • 1A person who redeems someone or something.

    • ‘The alchemists, identifying themselves with Merlin, now looked for a heroic redeemer in every way the opposite of Henry VI.’
    • ‘They also spoke of a future redeemer that would bring reconciliation to the whole world, through Israel.’
    • ‘Like many of the postwar commentators he represents, Doc considers women to be both the causes and the potential redeemers of a morally deteriorating society.’
    • ‘From my conversations with dad I understand that he is a redeemer.’
    • ‘All too predictably, postwar commentators cast white women as both the causes and the potential redeemers of a deteriorating society.’
    • ‘Hailed as a ‘national hero’, the dead Nelson was seen almost as a redeemer.’
    • ‘The very next day he goes to the town gate and speaks with the other redeemer about Ruth.’
    • ‘Ilia can then be the redeemer of the condemned son.’
    • ‘Wielding his mighty blade, he is the redeemer of souls and the vanquisher of Satan.’
    • ‘The final words are redemption for the redeemer.’
    • ‘The nation needs men like him, the nation needs to move forward and redeemers who have its interest at heart must step forward even against their party interests in the House.’
    • ‘The concept of a redeemer, a liberator, or a deliverer is much closer to the state of mind that is prevalent today than is the innocuous and ambiguous term information.’
    • ‘But to paint him as a socialist redeemer would be stretching reality.’
    • ‘Samuel called the people together and told them that Saul would be the redeemer of their sins.’
    • ‘They have also held out the invitation to their readers among the political and intellectual elites to join them in becoming their nation's redeemers.’
    1. 1.1often the Redeemer Christ.
      • ‘There is only one Shepherd who is the truth, Jesus Christ the Creator, Redeemer, Saviour, Lord and Judge.’
      • ‘The only way to be saved is to believe in the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Creator / Redeemer, who died and rose again to pay the penalty for mankind's sin.’
      • ‘He is the unique Creator, Redeemer, Life-giver and life-taker.’