Definition of rededicate in US English:



[with object]
  • Dedicate again.

    ‘the cathedral was eventually rededicated in June 1997’
    • ‘The captain of a Royal Navy aircraft carrier rededicated by the Queen Mother spoke yesterday of his admiration for her lifelong support for the service.’
    • ‘It is therefore surprising that the good Bishop has now reportedly turned his back on his wife of three months and rededicated his life to the Catholic Church and the celibacy vows.’
    • ‘It's the perfect time to start over, rededicating yourself to adding that magical five portions of fruit and vegetables to your diet each day.’
    • ‘Let us rededicate ourselves to global peace, human dignity, and the eradication of injustice that breeds rage and vengeance.’
    • ‘These men and women supported the war, maintained their Christian convictions, and rededicated themselves to achieving all the rights and opportunities belonging to American citizens.’
    • ‘In accepting their charge to lead the nation, I rededicate myself and all of my colleagues to the service of the Australian people.’
    • ‘During World War II it was dismantled and stored in order to prevent damage during the construction of the new Citadel, and was rededicated at Greenwich in 1951.’
    • ‘Mr Turner said there were plans to rededicate the garden in the next few months providing security measures were put in place to protect it from more attacks.’
    • ‘We could do worse than rededicate ourselves to the observance of fasting and abstinence.’
    • ‘Sunday last was a special day in the history of the Easkey parish when St. James's Church was rededicated after major refurbishment.’
    • ‘Prince Charles today told of his ‘deep upset’ after vandals desecrated a Bradford war memorial which he had rededicated only months before.’
    • ‘The bells were rededicated after £35,000 worth of safety work was completed following the accident in September 1999.’
    • ‘Who could ever have foreseen that one hundred years later, in the year 2003, this church would be rededicated.’
    • ‘A memorial to men who lost their lives in the Boer War a century ago was rededicated in glorious sunshine in York.’
    • ‘The former 41st president of the US was speaking at a special ceremony to rededicate the museum.’
    • ‘I hope that we will now rededicate our lives and our institutions to the search for harmony, peace and tolerance.’
    • ‘Repent if there is anything on your conscience and rededicate yourself to the Lord.’
    • ‘She is due to be rededicated at a ceremony in Plymouth on July 18.’
    • ‘He joined the crew of the Ark Royal a little over a year ago, just before the Queen Mother rededicated the ship.’
    • ‘A bigger church was built in its place in 1952 and was rededicated as the Little Flower Church.’