Definition of red state in US English:

red state


  • A US state that predominantly votes for or supports the Republican Party.

    Compare with blue state
    • ‘In the 2000 election year of red states or blue, Florida was purple.’
    • ‘And the states that are nearby happen to be red states.’
    • ‘Overall, the red states, the ones that voted for Bush, gained 7.5 million people since 2000.’
    • ‘You'll be helping women and supporting feminist activism - and in a red state, too.’
    • ‘All of the competitive US Senate races are in red states.’
    • ‘Last summer a legislative committee in Florida, another red state, put insurance executives, lawyers and medical lobbyists under oath in an effort to get to the truth about malpractice costs.’
    • ‘It flourishes in red states as well as blue, cutting through the establishment's false dichotomy of liberal/conservative.’
    • ‘Those impressions are problems in the so-called red states that vote Republican in presidential elections.’
    • ‘‘We had people elected in the so-called red states everywhere from Utah to Idaho,’ Gross said.’
    • ‘President Bush was a liability, even for a Republican in a tomato red state like Virginia.’
    • ‘But it is clear that Senate Democrats simply cannot afford to have a leader who hails from a hardcore red state.’
    • ‘I think the most striking fact about all of this is that people in red states aren't voting with their pocketbooks.’
    • ‘Give poorer people in the red states some good reasons to vote your way.’
    • ‘Suppose further that a minority of the Congressional representatives of the red states also supported the petitions.’
    • ‘And red states, as their color portends, get angered really easily.’
    • ‘He'll hang his hat with the red states, thank you very much.’
    • ‘You guessed it, they were red states, with Texas leading the way.’
    • ‘And one suspects that if the survey results were broken down by geographic region, it would be even less divisive in many red states.’
    • ‘The emergence of a solid block of Republican red states across the map has come as a shock to Kerry supporters.’
    • ‘There are the red states, and there are the blue states.’


From the typical color used to represent the Republican Party on maps during elections.