Definition of red salmon in US English:

red salmon


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    another term for sockeye
    • ‘Babic uses his boat now to fish for red salmon; but the salmon prices have plummeted, and so he watches the halibut fishers and their haul jealously.’
    • ‘Seconds later a plump red salmon was crashing skywards at the end of my line.’
    • ‘In recent years, prices have crashed: In 1988 red salmon went for $2.89 a pound; this year the fishermen are looking at 45 cents a pound.’
    • ‘We are told that the varieties of red salmon are the best.’
    1. 1.1 The reddish-pink flesh of the sockeye salmon used as food.
      • ‘Beck ordered a filet mignon with a baked potato and asparagus, while Vlaschek ordered a vegetable stew with red salmon.’
      • ‘We take our spot in the dining room for Strang's fresh Copper River red salmon, simply grilled in a cookshack out back.’
      • ‘Most canned salmon is wild; cans labeled red salmon contain sockeye salmon, which has a more robust flavor than pink salmon, the other canned variety.’
      • ‘Mind you I did have to replace several tins of corned beef and red salmon!’


red salmon

/red ˈsamən/