Definition of red mullet in US English:

red mullet


  • An elongated fish with long barbels on the chin, living in warmer seas and widely valued as a food fish.

    Family Mullidae: several genera and many species, in particular Muletus surmuletus of the Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic

    • ‘The talk is all of haddock, salmon, red mullet and bass.’
    • ‘He added: ‘We have seen large shoals of red mullet moving in and only recently a swordfish was washed up at Ingoldmells.’’
    • ‘On rocky rummages in the shallows you might spy damsel fish, red mullet, painted combers and rainbow wrasse before they dart off.’
    • ‘I sometimes have red mullet cooked in olive oil in a wok with chilli flakes, chopped fresh tomatoes, anchovy fillets, fennel seeds, sliced garlic and linguine.’
    • ‘Other appetizing local dishes include octopus in red wine, red mullet and squid rings for fish lovers.’


red mullet

/ˈˌred ˈmələt/