Definition of red light in US English:

red light


  • 1A red traffic light or similar signal that instructs moving vehicles to stop.

    • ‘The survey suggests that on average a vehicle drives through a red light at the junction once every eight minutes.’
    • ‘A mother and her young son were killed after an emergency vehicle allegedly crossed a red light and collided head-on with their car in South Africa.’
    • ‘A family friend sped through a red light and hit oncoming vehicles in Cheltenham, killing her daughter.’
    • ‘Lorries were stopped in the outside and inside lane completely obstructing the red lights.’
    • ‘He turned on his turn signal and stopped at a red light.’
    • ‘Stopping at a red light, I flipped the switch to let down the ragtop of my car.’
    • ‘The Renault stopped at a red light and a gang of hooded youths began to saunter across the road.’
    • ‘She glanced out the window as the limousine stopped at a red light.’
    • ‘Indeed, more people walk to work here than just about anywhere on the planet, and five cars at a red light constitutes a traffic jam.’
    • ‘Eight more junctions will get traffic light cameras to catch motorists driving through red lights.’
    • ‘He came to a halt at the first set of traffic lights at the red light and he passed the second one on the green.’
    • ‘They were installed at traffic lights along the busy A630 Balby corridor last March to stop motorists jumping red lights.’
    • ‘Whenever the vehicle stops, at a red light for example, the engine is shut down.’
    • ‘They were approaching vehicles stopped in traffic, mostly at red lights, and offering to clean or cleaning the windshields with the hope or expectation of receiving money from the drivers.’
    • ‘He drove to school in a hurry, refusing to follow any rules about stop signs, red lights, or speed limits.’
    • ‘The silver vehicle stopped at a red light and Brian turned his piercing gaze toward me.’
    • ‘Earlier this month the government announced that ambulance drivers on 999 calls will no longer be fined for going through traffic cameras or red lights.’
    • ‘I saw a convertible run a red light, then pull over.’
    • ‘The vehicle stopped at a red light and Patroni knew the time had come.’
    • ‘The stupid policeman said I ran a red light, but that traffic light appeared out of thin air!’
    rejection, vetoing, dismissal, denial, declination, turndown
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    1. 1.1 A refusal or an order to stop an action.
      ‘some subsidies would get a red light and be prohibited’
      • ‘Once the Commission was informed of the precise nature of the alliance plans, it was likely to take three or four months to decide whether to give the green or red light, the source said.’
      • ‘If the design exceeds the parameters set by the program it is given a red light.’


red light

/ˌred ˈlīt//ˌrɛd ˈlaɪt/