Definition of red flag in English:

red flag


  • 1A red flag as a warning of danger or a problem.

    figurative ‘they had overlooked the red flags that should have alerted them to the county's disastrous investment strategy’
    figurative ‘you have unusually large amounts of deductions or expenses that act as red flags’
    • ‘When one of these red flags are hanging, that warns mariners that a storm warning has been posted.’
    • ‘The link between May Day and the use of the red flag as a symbol for socialist workers is close, perhaps above all in France.’
    • ‘But the press didn't only miss a series of red flags; the problems go deeper.’
    • ‘The red flag became the symbol of the blood of working class martyrs in their battle for workers rights.’
    • ‘It seems that Rupert, typically fearless, ignored the warnings and swam when the red flags were up.’
    • ‘In Mr. Wilson's view, these were very strong words that were raising a red flag and setting off alarm bells.’
    • ‘In retrospect, we probably should have had some red flags on that.’
    • ‘A cheaper price should raise some red flags as to the quality of the chemicals used or the expertise of the stylist according to the experts.’
    • ‘A rain shower made conditions dangerous and the red flag was shown to the drivers with two laps remaining.’
    • ‘Now, returning to the original question, this description of this installation raises several red flags.’
    • ‘Here are some red flags that may indicate that your trainer isn't up to the task of nutrition counseling.’
    • ‘Under these conditions, the red flag was waved and the race was halted.’
    • ‘The red flag was first raised as a symbol of rebellion by river workers in 18th century London.’
    • ‘Incidents like this may serve as red flags to plaintiff lawyers.’
    • ‘Indeed, in the end, all that the panel did conclude was that there were many red flags that counseled against going to air quickly.’
    • ‘Holding a red flag, a fire officer leads the staff members to safety.’
    • ‘If they tried to do this in one fall swoop, red flags and alarms would be going off all over the place.’
    • ‘But ample reason exists for raising some red flags about this movement.’
    • ‘Some 35,000 strikers and unemployed soldiers marched into George Square and raised the red flag.’
    • ‘Many marchers waved red flags and carried home-made workplace banners.’
    warning, caution, admonition, monition, red flag, alarm bells
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    1. 1.1A red flag as the symbol of socialist revolution.


red flag

/ˈˌred ˈflaɡ/