Definition of red cell in US English:

red cell


  • less technical term for erythrocyte
    • ‘Like queen bees, these cells replenish our blood supply, spawning millions of red cells, white cells, and platelets.’
    • ‘White cells, red cells and platelets entangle themselves in fibrin filaments, creating what we call a clot.’
    • ‘The spleen will be enlarged, due to ruptured red cells.’
    • ‘Patients may also need supportive care with transfusion of red cells and platelets.’
    • ‘Before being referred to the colon and rectal surgery department, Mr K received four units of packed red cells as an outpatient.’
    • ‘As a consequence small changes in the proportion of elderly people within a population will have large effects on future requirements for red cells.’
    • ‘The transfusion facility chose to crossmatch and transfuse type O red cells.’
    • ‘When there is excess blood sugar around it latches on to hemoglobin inside red cells.’
    • ‘Note the numerous white cells, red cells and bacteria in this frame.’
    • ‘As the new bone marrow also produces red cells and platelets, you are also at risk from anaemia and bleeding.’
    • ‘This trafficking of red cells increases as gestation progresses.’
    • ‘A simple blood test can count the number of red cells.’
    • ‘These symptoms are caused by having too many abnormal white blood cells and not enough normal white cells, red cells and platelets.’
    • ‘The major role of red cells is to transfer oxygen from the lungs to the tissues.’
    • ‘Sickle cell disease is an inherited disorder of the red blood cells characterized by abnormally shaped red cells.’
    • ‘The report stated that urine culture was negative but confirmed the presence of normal red cells.’
    • ‘These times may not be adequate to permit the red cells to provide sufficiently rapid delivery of oxygen in massively bleeding patients.’
    • ‘Transfusions of red blood cells are sometimes needed when red cells break down in newborn babies, and to treat sickle cell disease.’
    • ‘They proposed peripheral sequestration of red cells as an explanation.’
    • ‘There are three main types of blood cells made in the bone marrow-white cells, platelets, and red cells.’


red cell

/ˈrɛd sɛl/