Definition of red-hot poker in US English:

red-hot poker


  • A South African plant with tall erect spikes of tubular flowers, the upper ones of which are typically red and the lower ones yellow.

    Kniphofia uvaria, family Liliaceae: many cultivars

    • ‘It's also an easy plant and not quite what you expect from a red-hot poker, as its colouring is gentle and receding rather than dominant.’
    • ‘Hot colours, such as red-hot pokers and Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’, look great.’
    • ‘Gardens are pub-bright with lots of geraniums and red-hot pokers and little spiky palm trees.’
    • ‘Native plants are preferable, but many hummer enthusiasts swear by exotics such as single varieties of fuchsia, as well as lantana and red-hot poker.’
    • ‘The arrangement of pendulous petal groups has a similar appearance to that of the red-hot poker or some aloe flowers.’


red-hot poker

/red hät ˈpōkər/