Definition of recursion in US English:



Mathematics Linguistics
  • 1The repeated application of a recursive procedure or definition.

    • ‘The choice should be a function of the background of the audience, and especially their understanding of some basic concepts like iteration and recursion.’
    • ‘Over the past couple of years, there's been renewed controversy about the role of recursion in human language.’
    • ‘Yet even this cannot evade the vicious circle of recursion, since it ‘is not only an advancing process but a retrograde one at the same time.’’
    • ‘Another component is a more mathematical concept called recursion and the ability to imbed structures within structures.’
    • ‘Its used in all sorts of things in calculus where recursion is necessary, like differential equations.’
    1. 1.1 A recursive definition.
      • ‘We can now use Table 1 to derive the following recursions for the allele frequencies.’
      • ‘Because the central linear recursions are defined over the effectively infinite-dimensioned state space of history, importance sampling is used to approximate the underlying Markov chain.’
      • ‘The above recursions are numerically stable and very fast.’
      • ‘Hence, under strategy A, the recursions should be computed as follows.’
      • ‘This algorithm is based on a recursion similar to that of the peeling algorithm.’


1930s: from late Latin recursio(n-), from recurrere ‘run back’ (see recur).