Definition of recrystallization in US English:


(British recrystallisation)


  • See recrystallize

    • ‘A number of zircon grains from the two samples show evidence for metamorphic alteration or recrystallization.’
    • ‘These form emulsions with the sugar and help to prevent recrystallization of the mixture when this is not desired.’
    • ‘The extent and temperature of melting and the efficiency of recrystallization are favourably affected by water content.’
    • ‘In the near field above the container the borehole will be very effectively sealed by melting, recrystallization and metamorphism of the host rock backfill.’
    • ‘This involves ionic diffusion processes in the crystal structure of the solids, leading to phase change and recrystallisation.’
    • ‘These effects were probably caused by fluids attacking the crystal, but possibly also by recrystallization or new growth of the margin of the crystal.’