Definition of recreational in US English:



  • 1Relating to or denoting activity done for enjoyment when one is not working.

    ‘recreational facilities’
    ‘recreational cycling in the countryside’
    • ‘Mr Barry said that up to 10 acres would be set aside for recreational purposes.’
    • ‘It would be used for seven days and four evenings a week, mainly for recreational and educational purposes.’
    • ‘An ambitious plan to convert two acres of unused allotments into recreational facilities was launched today.’
    • ‘This is a credit to the local community and they have a right to expect funding for recreational facilities.’
    • ‘He expressed the hope that it would be developed as a social or recreational facility.’
    • ‘Are there any facilities or institutions for youth leisure and recreational activities?’
    • ‘The covenant requires the land be used principally for cultural and recreational activities.’
    • ‘What do you think about the open space, sports and recreational facilities available in the Chelmsford borough?’
    • ‘The Romans had a special fondness for mineral spas, visiting them for medicinal and recreational purposes.’
    • ‘Some children have spent all their primary school lives in prefabs with no recreational facilities.’
    • ‘You can bet that socializing is the reason most people take part in group recreational activities.’
    • ‘Initially, children had no access to recreational facilities, not even balls.’
    • ‘What recreational activity would you take up if you had the time and/or money?’
    • ‘Lack of proper recreational facilities for the elderly will be felt more acutely in the coming years.’
    • ‘You are asked to list recreational interests and activities, membership of clubs and societies.’
    • ‘Apart from the inadequacy of the building the school yard is much too small for recreational purposes.’
    • ‘Visitors are also given information on recreational activities in the area.’
    • ‘The occupants have started indulging in some social and recreational activities.’
    • ‘This room provides a great recreational facility for the youth in the community.’
    • ‘The day centre provides educational and recreational activities for people with learning disabilities.’
    promiscuous, extramarital
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    1. 1.1 Relating to or denoting drugs taken on an occasional basis for enjoyment, especially when socializing.
      ‘recreational drug use’
      • ‘Namely, it would be taxed in the same way as cigarettes, alcohol and other unnecessary recreational drugs.’
      • ‘A new study suggests younger men are using the drug for recreational purposes.’
      • ‘Perhaps it is like that for rock stars, but it's pretty rare that it's like that for your average recreational drug user.’
      • ‘The results shocked many and were seized on by the lay press in their campaigns against recreational drugs.’
      • ‘I don't believe that cannabis should have a place in society as a legal recreational drug.’
      • ‘Why not legalise cannabis (for recreational use) and tax it to the same extent as tobacco?’
      • ‘It's particularly aimed at users of recreational drugs like cannabis, speed and ecstasy.’
      • ‘At this point, back in the early half of the Eighties, cocaine was a recreational drug.’
      • ‘Does this mean that using recreational drugs in your private life is worse than attacking and causing harm to another person?’
      • ‘I would like to see a massive study done on marijuana use for both medicinal and recreational purposes.’
      • ‘I am completely sober and not on any drugs, medical or recreational.’
      • ‘It is one of the drugs of choice among recreational users in pubs and clubs as well as among problem drug-users.’
      • ‘The consumption of recreational drugs has reached epidemic proportions.’
      • ‘The recreational drug ecstasy is neurotoxic if taken in high enough doses.’
      • ‘Every recreational hard drug conceivable is washed down with booze, both bought and stolen.’
      • ‘For as far back as David can remember, his mother used drugs on a recreational basis.’
      • ‘If people, of their own free will, choose to take dangerous drugs for recreational reasons that is regrettable.’
      • ‘For the last forty years, attitudes towards recreational drug use have steadily been relaxing.’
      • ‘In this country you can still be detained for having anything over a quarter-ounce of a recreational drug in your pocket.’
      • ‘I started off by smoking cannabis with friends on a recreational basis.’