Definition of record holder in English:

record holder


  • 1A person who has achieved the best-ever performance, especially in a particular sport.

    ‘the 100-meter backstroke world record holder’
    • ‘So, the 100m final did not yield gold for Britain, or the world record holder, or the American champion.’
    • ‘Roberts, who is the course record holder, found the warm conditions to his liking as others in the field of 421 starters wilted in the heat.’
    • ‘Irish record holder Sonia O'Sullivan is among the favourites for the women's race as she bids to repeat her 2002 triumph.’
    • ‘If, as looks likely, he succeeds, he will become a world record holder.’
    • ‘He's the world record holder, the fastest man in history.’
    • ‘She is 4 days into the trip and currently 2 hours 24 mins ahead of the current record holder.’
    1. 1.1 Something that is unique in terms of its size or other measurable characteristic.
      ‘at 646 lbs, this catfish is the current record holder’
      • ‘For birds in the wild, the record holder is a royal albatross named Grandma which went missing from its New Zealand nest at the age of 53.’
      • ‘"We believe this catfish is the current record-holder - an astonishing find," Hogan added.’
      • ‘When the previous record-holder, Klez.H, was at its most virulent stage, MessageLabs in America recorded that one in 300 e-mails passing through its system was infected.’
      • ‘At four hours, 23 minutes, it was the longest Oscar show ever, topping the previous record-holder two years ago by 14 minutes.’
      • ‘In comparison with record holders in their own class of metal-organic porous frameworks, the two newcomers are only slightly inferior.’
      • ‘But if it turns out to be real, it would be more than double the size of the previous record holder.’
      • ‘In its first five days, the film attracted 410,000 viewers in Seoul, overtaking the previous record-holder Mission: Impossible 2.’
      • ‘The current record-holder for a lobster of this species was caught in Fowey, Cornwall, in 1931.’
      • ‘That goes for Britain too, where the film will be released in 1000 prints, nearly 300 more than previous record holder Toy Story 2.’
      • ‘Consider the experience of the United States, the former land of the free and current record holder in citizens incarcerated.’
      • ‘Thus, it beat the record holder " You Are My Sunshine ", another Korean melodrama which came out in September 2005.’
      • ‘Sequoia, built for the US department of energy, is almost 20 times more powerful than the previous record holder’
      • ‘The natural world also has its share of record holders that are every bit as fascinating as their human counterparts.’


record holder

/ˈrekərd ˌhōldər//ˈrɛkərd ˌhoʊldər/