Definition of reconvene in US English:



  • Convene or cause to convene again, especially after a pause in proceedings.

    with object ‘it was agreed to reconvene the permanent commission’
    no object ‘as soon as the Senate reconvenes next month’
    • ‘Ewing admits her proudest moment was reconvening the parliament in 1999; there's a plaque with an excerpt of her speech on the study wall and the desk from which she made it is in the front parlour.’
    • ‘The inquiry was reconvened in Hull specifically to hear the new evidence, months after it was wound up.’
    • ‘If no progress is reached in talks with the Department by the end of next month, then the Council will reconvene and decide on its next strategy.’
    • ‘He has said he will reintroduce the bill when the parliament reconvenes on October 1, but commentators say there will not be enough time to pass the bill before the commission report six days later.’
    • ‘The trial will be reconvened in the Pickaquoy Centre next month, where defence evidence from an expert witness on the medicinal use of cannabis is due to be heard.’
    • ‘The parties have also argued that the king can reconvene the parliament dissolved in May 2002 to restore the democratic process.’
    • ‘That report has not been put in the public domain and councillors discussed its implications behind closed doors before reconvening to reject the plan once again.’
    • ‘The group agreed to reconvene in one month's time.’
    • ‘The court also said the suspended, democratically elected parliament had to reconvene.’
    • ‘When Congress reconvenes early next month, it will take on a barrage of legislative initiatives to prevent U.S. companies from sending American jobs to cheap overseas labor markets.’
    • ‘Resolving the issue has been left for September, when Parliament is to reconvene after the summer recess.’
    • ‘Sir Michael intends to reconvene his inquiry in six months to check the progress of his recommendations.’
    • ‘However, we still plan to return when the meeting reconvenes.’
    • ‘China, Japan, North and South Korea, Russia and the United States had agreed in June to reconvene the talks by the end of September.’
    • ‘I was after all the first party leader to call for parliament to be reconvened.’
    • ‘Officials have prepared a report on the merits of such a move and a decision will be taken by the roads minister when parliament reconvenes next month.’
    • ‘The third session of the council ended that Saturday, and a state of demoralization hung over the bishops until they reconvened, ten months later.’
    • ‘It was agreed to reconvene the meeting in order to allow ‘top table’ seats to be contested.’
    • ‘After successfully passing a second vote in the House of Commons at the end of June, the identity card bill will go for a final vote when Parliament reconvenes in October.’
    • ‘Normal proceedings of both the houses of parliament reconvened at 3 p.m.’