Definition of reconsolidate in US English:



[with object]
  • Consolidate (something) again or anew.

    • ‘Following the killing of 14 soldiers between December 4 and 6 in Jaffna, Fonseka ordered the army to reconsolidate its control in the north and east.’
    • ‘Professor Walker is very excited about this effect and explains why, rather than being a flaw, the ability to reconsolidate memories is an important tool.’
    • ‘And I'm beginning to think that the thing we have to do is start to reconsolidate and refactor the weblog concept itself.’
    • ‘Once you do it, you can't reconsolidate those loans, no matter how much rates decline in the future, which is why borrowers who consolidated three years ago, when rates were above 8%, are now enrolling in anger-management classes.’
    • ‘Montgomery's victory over Rommel at El Alamein early in November came as a vast relief, and reconsolidated Churchill's position as war leader.’
    • ‘His reign was marked by continuous military campaigns to reconsolidate the Seleucid empire.’
    • ‘Shareholders now just have to trust that the new MD can reconsolidate the company for a new era of growth.’
    • ‘The government even said that the organization was trying to reorganize and reconsolidate itself during the process, but not for the purpose of peace.’
    • ‘The next election may prove to be a crucial test for him to reconsolidate his party before he retires.’
    • ‘That night, the Battalion moved forward and, after taking a few casualties, reconsolidated their line.’