Definition of reconfirmation in US English:



  • See reconfirm

    • ‘It's a reconfirmation of the Ayurvedic truth: You are what you eat.’
    • ‘We don't think that there have been any changes since the last review, and we're satisfied that all we're doing is going through a process of reconfirmation to make sure that all of the factors were taken into account back in '99.’
    • ‘‘This was simply a reconfirmation that missiles are now a reality in South Asia,’ Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesman Aziz Ahmad Khan said in a statement issued in Islamabad.’
    • ‘He also said he would seek reconfirmation of his presidential bid from the party as he promised before and follow the party's decision about the confidence procedures.’
    • ‘For him a better than expected result marks a personal vindication and certain reconfirmation as party leader.’