Definition of reconcilable in US English:



  • Capable of being reconciled; compatible.

    ‘the two propositions are hardly reconcilable’
    ‘the theory was quite reconcilable with industrialization’
    • ‘He has resigned because he no longer believes that the strategy of our party is reconcilable with his republican beliefs.’
    • ‘That principle is simply not reconcilable with the principles of our republic.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, that requirement isn't fully reconcilable with other vital interests.’
    • ‘Looked on from this angle, European politicians' perception that the two values are reconcilable is surprising.’
    • ‘But such trust is scarcely reconcilable with Kant's soberly realistic description of the politics of his own time.’
    • ‘As the negotiations begin, it is still not clear whether Kiley's interests and those of the bidders are, in fact, reconcilable.’
    compatible, consistent, congruous, congruent, consonant
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