Definition of recompile in US English:



[with object]Computing
  • Compile (a program) again or differently.

    ‘an interface which allows applications to run without being recompiled’
    • ‘When recompiling your kernel, you'll need to set several things explicitly.’
    • ‘We look forward to seeing recompiled applications run through the same benchmark, and word is that these do deliver the promised speed advantages.’
    • ‘The faster chip also requires that the operating system and applications that run on top of it be recompiled for 64-bit processing.’
    • ‘It's basically just the DOS version recompiled to work on Windows.’
    • ‘First of all, these new variants seem to be recompiled versions based on original Cabir source code.’
    • ‘They claim that the changes will help increase performance by one and a half to two times, without the need to recompile software.’
    • ‘You will have to recompile the entire program, specifying which modules you do and don't want to include when running configure.’


  • A recompilation of a computer program.

    • ‘All of my hardware was detected and set up except my IDE-CDR, which would require a kernel recompile to burn CDs with it.’
    • ‘This porting effort could be as simple as a recompile, link and run, or it could require changing some assembler code from one platform to another.’
    • ‘I needed to do a recompile anyway, as it somehow got the impression I was running an Intel P2.’
    • ‘In may instances even a recompile is unnecessary.’
    • ‘This requires a kernel recompile so we'll leave it for a while yet and do some more thinking in the meantime.’