Definition of recombination in US English:



  • 1The process of recombining things.

    • ‘It generally analyses the form of recombinations that emerge on the contemporary scene.’
    • ‘Happily, the expansions and recombinations of American businesses over the century chronicled here have had far more positive results than this author would lead us to believe.’
    • ‘Intellectuals do manage to innovate and their innovations are oftentimes not always recombinations of what they have embraced in their education.’
    • ‘The various combinations and recombinations of these elements, moreover, give rise to several orders of movement within the art, and the images owe much of their dynamism to an intricate play of form at the hands of the engraver.’
    • ‘In fashion and music, cycles of revivals, retrospectives, and recombinations have emerged, defining styles with an eerie predictability.’
    1. 1.1Genetics The rearrangement of genetic material, especially by crossing over in chromosomes or by the artificial joining of segments of DNA from different organisms.
      • ‘Here we present evidence that the chromosomal hypermutation is promoted by recombination.’
      • ‘Yeast has been used for many years to study DNA recombination, although not in this context.’
      • ‘This appears to be consistent with a lower than normal level of recombination in this chromosome.’
      • ‘A third possibility is that the effect of recombination varies among chromosomes.’
      • ‘He simply watched peas to learn how their natural system of genetic recombination worked.’