Definition of recolor in US English:


(British recolour)


[with object]
  • Color again or differently.

    ‘hair should be recolored about every six weeks’
    • ‘If a client wants a color of a lighter value than was originally rendered, the black and white version has to be redone and the whole rendering recolored.’
    • ‘The ease by which the computer allows the artist to resize, recolor and align images and text for that ‘perfect’ visual effect is invaluable.’
    • ‘In his accompanying notes, he doesn't seem to even think the shifts represent anything significant… but he recolors the map, all the same.’
    • ‘We recoloured the logo to match the scheme.’
    • ‘The traditionalists are also reviving their designs, either recolouring or launching contemporary ranges.’
    • ‘This, to me, gives a truer sense of the Universe as it is, and has totally recolored my views on what life is all about.’
    • ‘My hair is dry and scraggly and I want to recolour it back to brunette and cut it all one length.’
    • ‘Colour photos can be converted to black & white, and then the interesting parts can be recoloured.’
    • ‘One of the significant new features in this release is its ability to resize and recolor PDF files.’
    • ‘Thus, you can recolor clothes on your color photo or change the color of the hair, eyes, etc on a portrait.’
    • ‘In addition, the film has been restored and recolored, the colors popping out like this was a direct-to-video sequel and not the theatrical release itself.’
    • ‘We realised that if we placed a digital photo of the rock wall into the computer and instructed it to recolour the grey or brown pixels (mostly background), we could increase the distinctiveness of the rock.’