Definition of recolonization in US English:


(British recolonisation)


  • See recolonize

    • ‘However, Donard suggested that the Mediterranean region has undergone several episodes of extinction and recolonization and present-day populations of France have a much more recent origin.’
    • ‘The late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries were periods of recolonization in Ukraine, particularly in the provinces of Kiev and Bratslav.’
    • ‘These facts suggest that the availability of nesting sites and food are not limiting factors to raven recolonization of the region.’
    • ‘Participants allow the recolonization of the gray wolf on their private lands and will not use lethal controls on coyotes, wolves and other predators.’
    • ‘Ecological theory predicts that isolated habitat patches will experience greater rates of species loss and lower rates of recolonization compared to less isolated habitats.’