Definition of reckon with (or without) in US English:

reckon with (or without)

phrasal verb

  • 1Take (or fail to take) into account.

    ‘it must reckon with two great challenges’
    • ‘Unfortunately we had reckoned without the Texas weather, which decided to bucket down with rain all morning.’
    • ‘That, however, was reckoning without the amazing fighting qualities of the Hammers who refused to throw in the towel despite their appalling recent run of results against the champions.’
    • ‘But the yobs reckoned without the residents' steely determination.’
    • ‘However, they would have reckoned without the quality of Mark Bowman's leadership, and under-estimated his capacity to inspire his troops, not least by his own example.’
    • ‘The future looks bleak but she reckons without teenage daughter Sorrel's last-ditch attempts to save them both.’
    • ‘Such doom-saying has reckoned without the capacity of the capitalist economy for readjustment and reinvention, and without the ever-renewing spring of human optimism.’
    • ‘But here they failed to reckon with the talents of Archimedes or to foresee that in some cases the genius of one man is far more effective than superiority in numbers.’
    • ‘But that reckons without the special talent which is Thierry Henry.’
    • ‘But the soothsayers had reckoned without one factor, the indomitable will that separates the titans from the also-rans.’
    • ‘The visiting fans were celebrating what they believed would be their first Old Trafford win for 20 years - but they had reckoned without Solskjaer.’
    • ‘I failed to reckon with the desperate ingenuity of a doomed industry - and the utter shamelessness of the Republican patrons of that doomed industry.’
    • ‘The airline originally attempted to triple the fee for the ticket change, but reckoned without Gabereau's ability to make a fuss.’
    • ‘But he had reckoned without the strength of feeling of ordinary Londoners who were determined that the march should not pass.’
    • ‘But maybe that is to reckon without ITV's proven ability to deliver light entertainment in consistently viewer-winning formats.’
    • ‘That assessment may have proved correct but it reckoned without Canada's tenacity.’
    • ‘But she reckoned without the lawyers who mounted an action in the High Court attacking the legislation and seeking to have it set aside.’
    • ‘But this was to reckon without Spielberg's determination.’
    • ‘Critics predicted that their resale prices would crash, but they had reckoned without the property boom and without Carroll's skill when it comes to site selection.’
    • ‘He said he had a strong feeling England would carry the day but that he'd reckoned without the referee's eyesight.’
    • ‘But what everyone failed to reckon with was not only the impassioned sentiments of segregationist whites, but also those of Mrs. Richardson.’
    deal with, cope with, contend with, handle, face, face up to
    take into account, take into consideration, bargain for, bargain on, allow for, anticipate, foresee, be prepared for, plan for
    overlook, ignore, fail to take account of, fail to anticipate, disregard, lose sight of, fail to notice
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  • 2reckon witharchaic Settle accounts with.

    • ‘God sees the sin of his own people, and will reckon with them for it.’