Definition of recirculation in US English:



  • See recirculate

    • ‘Cleaning forced-air furnace ducts may also help decrease airborne recirculation of dust, as may high-efficiency air filtration.’
    • ‘The engine meets EU emission requirements without secondary air injection or exhaust gas recirculation, thanks to its base design and engine computer.’
    • ‘A system of vents allows for precise temperature adjustments and the recirculation of air.’
    • ‘The domestic retail sector is all about the recirculation of money within the country - an inherently value-leaking process.’
    • ‘The combustion chamber environment is very air-rich and the rotors have a lot of overlap to promote exhaust gas recirculation.’
    • ‘The feat was achieved by moving the catalytic converters closer to the exhaust manifold, allowing quicker warm-up times, and improved recirculation of exhaust gas to ensure more complete combustion.’