Definition of recirculate in US English:



[with object]
  • 1Circulate again.

    • ‘But current practitioners also tend to argue that literature can only make an ideological statement by passively recirculating it.’
    • ‘This is due to the rise of New Age philosophies which have transformed and recirculated the early anthropological research as concepts which support the universalisation of spiritual forms and beliefs.’
    • ‘He does not recirculate the myth of an immigrant America.’
    • ‘Therefore the money that was spent was merely recirculated in the economy, and Iraqi oil money is a bonus.’
    • ‘The danger is that banks, which are getting cash that used to be in money-market funds, may not recirculate it quickly enough by stepping up their business lending.’
    • ‘Here the activity recognised in the ‘active’ audience is one of the audience actively engaging with programme content - resisting, reformulating and recirculating the messages and meanings on offer.’
    • ‘The corporate sector is already recirculating its net saving to some other deficit spending sector, in this case, the public sector and foreign trade deficit spending nations like the US.’
    • ‘The same limited evidence was still being recirculated, but the sentiment of outrage was new.’
    • ‘The problem of the urban poor cannot be remedied simply by racial toleration, nor even by recirculating monies and utilities.’
    • ‘As noted, it was abolished in August 1991 when it became tainted with allegations that applicants were ‘buying’ visas and the funds required to qualify were being recirculated amongst applicants.’
    • ‘She will also propose penalties for papers that recirculate rumours without providing evidence.’
    • ‘The centre later checks the currency for wear and dirt, disposing of some and recirculating the remainder back to financial institutions, King said.’
    • ‘For instance, it lobbies for policies to tailor technology for regional use and to recirculate financial capital locally.’
    • ‘But new recruits are blind to its impotence - in part because the world's news and entertainment media keep recirculating the myth that violence is the ultimate form of power.’
    • ‘Leonard writes with verve and wit and with a sense of delighted discovery, so that even though his book recirculates a limited number of related concepts, the reader is never bored.’
    • ‘The company also likes to remind its customers that independent restaurants are more likely to recirculate profits in the local community.’
    • ‘They achieve a high ‘economic multiplier effect’ by recirculating dollars in local economies.’
    1. 1.1no object (of a fluid) circulate continuously.
      ‘the air is supposed to recirculate within the turboshaft engine’
      • ‘Water recirculates through a pump placed in a fiberglass pond liner beneath the pot; stones cover the liner.’
      • ‘Even if not detected by sight or smell, molds can make people sick, especially during cold weather when windows and doors are kept closed and contaminated air recirculates through the house's heating system.’
      • ‘The 5 litres of blood contained in the blood vessels of a typical adult at rest complete the circuit in about one minute: the blood recirculates 1500 times each day even without any exercise to speed it up.’
      • ‘The edge of the pool lies slightly below the waterline, so water spills over the rim and recirculates from a downhill basin.’
      • ‘Water recirculates from a pool or watertight basin, through plastic tubing to an outlet in a freestanding wall, then back into the basin, which is fitted with a submersible pump.’
      • ‘After losing its heat, the water recirculates within the in-ground pipes to be warmed by the mass of the earth.’