Definition of reciprocally in US English:



  • See reciprocal

    • ‘For some critics Peer review is a pale shadow of African heads of states' real promise: to criticise each other reciprocally and to exercise peer pressure in order to gain democracy and respect for human rights.’
    • ‘In order to prove that it is not only a matter of reciprocally fruitful economic co-operation, we have decided to emphasise the cultural sector.’
    • ‘In any case, can a German feel European unilaterally, without the Portuguese (for example) similarly and reciprocally feeling European rather than Portuguese?’
    • ‘Their misguided views make it much easier for some parts of mainstream America to reciprocally demonize the entire anti-war camp and deprive it of support.’
    • ‘The energy of attraction between opposite charges is reciprocally related to the distance between the charges.’